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Corsets & Bustiers at Fetish Fashions

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Sensual Elegance features light weight, comfortable corsets and steel-boned, heavy duty corsetsCorsets, Beautiful Corsets! Some of the sexiest clothing items in the world. Form fitted, always sexy, and can shave a few inches off your waist without dieting! Women have been wearing corsets for hundreds of years - though historically, they were not known as the most comfortable of garments. Modern corsets are made with softer fabrics or linings and more flexible boning to make they a lot more suitable for today's fashion without the pain.

Corsets (or basques as they are known in Europe) generally lace up the back for a cinching effect on the waist while bustiers can have a similar look as a corset, but  usually have a comfortable adjustable closure such as hook and eye fasteners and tend to be made of stretch fabrics. Both are usually boned (stiffened vertically in the seams most commonly with a plastic/polycarbonate material) for extra shaping. The best corsets on the market are boned with spring or similar steel giving some flexibility for comfort but with the most support for tight lacing without damage to the corset.  Fuller figures should never consider a strapless corset without steel boning as heavier busts need the extra support.

Our beautiful corsets are lightly boned unless otherwise noted - even leather can tear if over stressed, so be careful breaking it in. You should never over tighten a corset but ease it tighter each time you wear it - give it time to shape to your body. Our sturdier steel boned corsets can be used for more drastic body modification (molding your waist to a perfect hourglass shape over time), but even they should be broken in over time for comfort and to save stress on the grommets.

Our corsets are divided into Overbust and Underbust styles. These terms indicate where the corset falls on your body - Overbust corsets cover the breasts and can be worn alone out on the town. Underbust corsets leave the breasts bare and are also called waist cinchers. They are designed to be worn over another garment similar to a belt, though can also be worn alone, over something sheer, or with pasties for an extra sexy look!

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