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Find your style FASTER than ever! New Filters!
Filtered Search
I am so happy to say filters are now working on the stores! Filters let you more easily find exactly the style, size and color you are looking for among our hundreds of styles. For example, see the screenshot at right from our women's shoe store, Shoe Ooodles. Now instead of just browsing page after page of women's pumps (which you can still do of course!), you can select your size by clicking on it in the window at the left of the page (the example shows size 8) which would display all shoe styles that are made in that size. If you also select a color like the Red / Burgundy shown in the e..
Taking care of genuine leather clothing, shoes and boots
Leather Care
Genuine leather is not hard to care for as long as you follow a few simple tips. These tips apply to both cow leather as well as pig and lamb skin leather. If your leather item gets wet, dry it slowly at room temperture - do not use a hair dryer or other heat source to try to quickly dry it as leather can shrink or crinkle if dried quickly. If the piece is water saturated, stuff it with newspaper or other filler to maintain it's original shape while drying. This is especially important for leather hats and boots. Skirts and other clothing items should be laid flat.   Genuine lea..
Louboutin takes inspiration from ballet for amazing point shoes
Ballet Shoes
Designer Christian Louboutin seems to have taken a page out of Pleaser USA's catalog to design these sparkly ballet heels. Louboutin teamed with the English National Ballet to create these sparkly nude satin heels inspired by ballerina toe shoes and slated to be auctioned off at the Summer Party gala in London along with other coulture created items. They have an 8 inch high stiletto heel with the signature red bottom of course and tons of sparkling rhinestones. I've been seeing this image all over the web mostly with disdain that no one could wear this style of shoe. But Pleaser has had..
Spotlight on: Pleaser Shoes
Pleaser Brand Shoes
Pleaser was the first shoe company I found when looking for products to sell and they still are one of my favorites and one of our best selling brands.  They have a great range of styles, great prices, and offer fast shipping directly from their warehouse located in sunny California. Pleaser USA, Inc., launched in 1993, started out as an importer and distributor of urban fashion footwear. Over the years, it has evolved into a specialty footwear powerhouse serving exclusively the needs of various alternative lifestyles. With seven distinctive footwear brands which encompasses a vast col..
Pleaser shoes update - many prices lower!
I finished updating all the Demonia and Pleaser shoes and boots currently on the store with their new pricing. Most prices have actually dropped - some by as much as 10-20%! Of course a few items did go up - mostly the genuine leather boots, but the vast majority of items are now lower priced! I was a bit too ambitious to think I could get the prices updated and add the other information, stock update and additional photos at the same time. I will finish doing this probably over the next few weeks, but the prices are at least current.  I will also be adding many more Please..
The scariest shoes EVER
Scary High Heels
We all have seen those totally rediculous shoes on fashion runways. As bad as McQueen Armadillo and other shoe creations are, I have to say these shoes, a collaboration between artist Leanie van der Vyver and Dutch shoe designer René van den Berg are the worst of the worst. Apparently they were designed to be a commentary on today's impossible standards of beauty more than intended as functional shoes (though a pair was sent to Lady Gaga by the designers). Watching the video below, they look painful! The "heel" actually extends from the front with the foot straight down ballet style putting..
Mystery Boxes Fun to Make & Get!
When I decided to add Mystery boxes to the store, I did it mainly to help get some stuff out of the warehouse - some stockings, gloves, panties and so on that have been hanging around. What I did not realize was how much fun it would be to put together for the customers that order them! Which store you order the Mystery Box from will help determine the mix of items I put in it. Fetish Fashions boxes will have more crotchless items, vinyl, fishnets, etc than our more vanilla lingerie store, Sensual Elegance. CrossDress Fashions will have less panties since most of the g-strings and crotc..
How to Lace a Corset
Corset Lacing
That famous scene of Scarlet O’Hara holding onto her bedpost to be strapped into a very tight corset turns many people off the idea of ever trying them. However, that is the extreme. Corsets should be worn snug, but not “omg I cannot breath” tight. Only steel boned corsets should be considered for body modification or extended wear – plastic boning will break over time while the steel bones will probably outlast the corset fabric! And you can put them on yourself – though the first time you wear it, I do suggest having a friend’s help. There are several ways you can lace a corset – some cor..
The difference between corsets and bustiers
Corset vs Bustier
We feature a lot of lovely corsets and bustiers both lingerie and clothing styles. I know they can be confusing though so thought I would explain a bit here. Select corsets are shown on several of our stores, but for our full line of busiers and corsets, please browse Corsets Plus. What is a Bustier? defines bustier as “a close-fitting and strapless top without sleeves that is worn by women either as lingerie or for evening dress,” though strapless isn’t always true. Close-fitting is definitely true – bustiers are generally very form fitting tops generally with a bit of st..
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